Five Tips For Reduce Your Cost For Motoring

Microcruizer Five Tips For Reduce Your Cost For Motoring

Every car owner and driver should familiarize themselves with the most important car maintenance tips. A few simple upkeep tricks can help you save money, longer the life of your vehicle and increase your safety on the road and the safety of your passengers.

1. Regularly check your engine’s oil level

If your engine oil level is too high or low, it can cause trouble for your engine. To check your oil level, park your car on level ground and wait for the engine to cool. Pull the dipstick out, wipe it clean, and push it back in the dip tube all the way down. Remove and have a look at where the oil level comes to. If it’s between the two dots, your oil level is good, if it’s too low, add about 100ml and wait a while before checking again.

2. Keep radiator water and coolant topped up

Before you do anything, ensure your coolant system has had the chance to cool down. If it’s still hot, it means it’s still under pressure and can burn you if you try to take the radiator cap off. As a precautionary measure, always use a large cloth to take the radiator cap off when checking coolant levels.
Your engine cannot go without coolant, so it’s one of the most important maintenance checks you can do. Your coolant reservoir is usually a white semi-transparent bottle on the side of the radiator. It is marked with ‘low’ and ‘high’, indicating if you need to top up.

3. Maintain Tyre pressure and check your tires

Tyre pressure has a big impact on your car’s economy. The wrong Tyre pressure can cost you a lot in fuel and lead to premature Tyre wear. You should check this regularly using a Tyre pressure gauge and inflate to the recommended level which is usually marked on the driver’s door jamb.
You should also regularly check tires for uneven wear, nails, tears and missing rubber gouged out from hitting a carve.

4. Change oil, fuel, air & cabin filters

Your engine oil is the life blood of your vehicle and your filter keeps the oil clean and healthy. Regularly changing your oil filter will prolong the engine’s life and keep your vehicle running smoothly for longer.
You should be changing the filter every other oil change, or every 9500 to 25,000 kilometres.
Changing Air Filters helps your car to breadth more efficiently, helping both performance & fuel efficiency.
Changing Fuel Filters helps prevent engine & injector damage &can also improve fuel efficiency
Changing Cabin Filters prevents bad odors, helps DE-mist windows & reduces the effect of allergies such as asthma.

5. Wash and wax car to maintain color

Maintaining vehicle function and safety is extremely important for every driver, but aesthetics are also important in keeping your vehicle in good condition.
There are a few things you can do to keep your vehicle as clean as possible, like parking in a covered or sheltered area and avoid leaving your car parked under trees or power lines.
When washing your vehicle, only use soap designed specifically for cars, and make an effort to wash any markings (bugs, bird poop or soap) as soon as you can. The longer they stay, the harder it is to get rid of them.
If your vehicle is generally parked in a garage or covered area, you should be waxing your car twice a year. If you don’t have a sheltered area, remember to wax more regularly to preserve the paint luster.

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John Hennessy
April 6, 2022

Educational blog.All drivers should know.

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